You Are Here!

by Frank

The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. So, how come in life do we often veer off course in a desperate pursuit to reach our destination? How do we manage to get lost?


If life was a mall and your destination was Macy’s, before you can arrive, there are many distractions along the way. The illuminated path that leads to the store is full of aggressive, annoying sales people who entice you to buy the latest and greatest cell phone phones, curling irons, moisturizers or flashing belt buckles. There are pretzel vendors whose sweet aroma calls to you as soon as you enter the mall doors. Not to mention the store that just happens to be playing your song as you pass by its entrance that draws you in.

You Are Here

Photo by Ramasamy Chidambaram

There is also a 50% sale at your favorite shoe store. Then off you go to the 12 minute massages and the peaceful waterfall that flows through the food courts. It’s a trap.

Seconds became minutes and minutes became hours. Valuable time has been wasted. Before you know it you are lugging around bags you were never meant to carry. While shopping you fulfilled temptations that soothed away, temporarily, the issues that bugged you before you came in. You covered up the stench of disappointment with perfume and hide true emotion behind designer labels. The lights, the sounds and the smells captivated your attention and kept you from reaching your ultimate potential. You’re distracted.


Even in the midst of confusion and distractions there is a form of peace. The peace comes from a guide, a map, a directory which not only shows you where you need to go but also exactly where you are. The challenge is the directory is stationary. You can’t take it with you. All you can rely on is your memory and hope to encounter another along your journey. Life is full of signs just like this. Just don’t let the distractions keep you from seeing them.


The best way to reach your destination is to know exactly where you are going. That all starts from having an idea of  where you are and who you are.

Do you know where you are?

Here’s what I see on your map.

You are stuck somewhere in between potential and promise.
You are capable of doing some amazing things in your life. You can’t stop now. Life is a never ending pursuit of improvement.

There are many obstacles on your journey.
I see a 90% clearance rack blocking you from obtaining what you really desire. Is that “distraction” really worth it?

There are winding hallways intentionally designed to disorient you and throw you off track.
Don’t be discouraged by shortcomings or temporary set backs. Mess up, get up, and find your way. Failure isn’t the end. Failure is used as a tool of misdirection.

Each and every day we are living we will be tested and tempted to do things that will distract us from reaching our goals. The good news is whenever we get lost or out of place all we have to do is look for the directory. You are here!

How do you get there?

This post was written to challenge each and every one of us to take a honest look of where we are in our lives. By taking this honest snapshot of our current predicament we are able to better prepare ourselves to reach out and grab a future we never imagined. I hope you enjoyed this post because it has challenged me to take an honest look at myself and I am now more focused than ever.

Make today the best day of your life!