You Finished Dinner, “Now What?”

by Jermaine

Something about Thanksgiving Day lends itself to free time. I usually wake up in the morning and starve myself so I have plenty of room to eat whenever I arrive at the designated home. Once there, the wait begins. I sit and sit and sit with the television blaring, the children playing, and the adults catching up. Eventually everyone is released to eat. Unless you are the person who slaved over the oven for hours preparing the meal, you usually come out of your food comma with plenty of time to enjoy your evening.

What do you do NEXT?

Of course you can help clean the kitchen by washing dishes, sweeping, or clearing the table and storing food. However, it is 2010 and most people have dish washers and/or children (aka old-fashion dish washers) so this only eats up about an 1/2 hour.

That leaves most people with Friday off from work and plenty of time to plan a fun function. The worst thing you can do is have the time and the opportunity and not at least create a loose plan.

*Did you know that every minute you spend planning is ten minutes you save in execution?

Because holidays usually involve so many people it is important to have several possible plans that are tailored to who you want to spend your evening with. Here are a few suggestions that have performed well for me through the years:

  1. Go to the movies
  2. Play Taboo
  3. Plot out your Black Friday plan (and hit the bed early)
  4. If it is snowing, have a snowball fight. (Build a snowman).
  5. Put up the Christmas tree as a family.
  6. Watch a football game.
  7. Volunteer @ a foodbank.
  8. Visit an older family member you don’t normally see.

I only got to eight. Please share more with the group.