Your Happiness is a Priceless Gift

by Jermaine

Give the gift of happiness to someone you love

In my humble opinion, gifts are one of the most excellent parts of life. And I don’t think I’m alone. If I was then I don’t think we (and the greeting card industry) would keep making new holidays. From Christmas to birthdays to Easter to Valentine’s Day… the list goes on and on. Even the people who say, “I don’t need anything” are secretly happy when you give them that one more niknak, picture frame, or business tie. Just fine a married man and ask him if his wife really meant, “it’s the thought that counts” when he gave her a household appliance instead of a little teal colored box (from Tiffany’s).

My wife loves GOOD gifts. My parents love GOOD gifts. For that matter, perfect strangers like GOOD gifts. I’ve learned rather quickly how cool it is as a parent to give a GOOD gift to your child.  So what is a GOOD gift?

Try this on for size… A GOOD gift is Happiness!

Who have you given your happiness to lately? You may not realize it but if you’re not happy then you’re going to give “something” to your family. Are you giving them cranky? Maybe you’re giving them frustration? How about Angry?

How do you think this makes your children perceive life if you’re always a grumpity-grump?

Laugh, smile, chuckle, giggle, and be in the moment. “YOU” happy is a priceless commodity.